Increase Your Website Lead Volume by 50-100%

Generate high quality leads by providing trade values to consumers in exchange for their contact information. Available for Powersports, RV, and Boat Dealers. Protected by U.S. Patent.

Key Features

J.D. Power

Leverages industry leading J.D. Power Data

Using our Trade-In tool adds credibility to your website. Consumers are very familiar with the J.D. Power (formerly NADA Guides) name and this will help you get more trade-in quote requests.

J.D. Power (formerly NADA Guides)

More Leads = More Sales

Average dealer sells 2-4 extra vehicles per


Potential range of values

Provides potential range of values. Does not

guarantee the value.

Keep Visitors on Your Site

Customers get a value without leaving your


Advanced tools

Advanced reporting, alerts and


Protected by U.S. Patent

We are the exclusive provider of this technology in the

Powersports, RV, and Marine industries.

Easy Integration

We work with the top Website & CRM


How does Trade Accelerator® Work?

Step 1 - Select Your Current Vehicle

The consumer selects what vehicle they are looking to trade-in/sell.

Did you know that consumers are 95% more likely to use an interactive form like ours that instantly provides an estimated value at the end? Most consumers don't want to fill out a traditional form where they have to wait for the dealer to contact them back. Consumers want instant gratification.


Step 2 - Tell Us More About Your Current Vehicle

Consumers can upload up to 5 images of their vehicle as well as rate the condition and tell you any additional information about their vehicle.

The more information you have, the better informed you will be!!


Step 3 - Tell Us What You Want To Buy & Your Contact Info

This is the final, and most important, step where the consumer tells you what they want to purchase and provides their contact information.

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The Confirmation Page

This is where the consumer sees the estimated value range. We set expectations up front with the consumer. They know this is an estimated value only and they will not get a firm offer until they bring in their vehicle and have you inspect it. We also allow you to write your own disclaimer directly under the price.

Leads are transferred in real-time directly to your CRM system as well as emailed to dealership personnel.

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Take a look at what our customers

say about us.

“ We sold 14 bikes in one month thanks to Trade Accelerator. ”

“ We average an extra 100 leads per month using this trade-in tool on our website. ”

“ This is our top performing lead source. The cost per lead is the lowest we have found. ”

“ Trade Accelerator is the bomb on our site. We average 30+ leads per month. ”

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on your website vendor. We get your website vendor everything they need to install this within 24 hours. Your website vendor typically takes 1-5 days to install.

Yes, we will provide a site-wide tab that will be installed on your website so that from any page a consumer can get to the trade-in tool. We will also provide homepage graphics to help you promote the tool as well.

Yes, we have a dashboard area so you can see at any time how you are doing. It is very detailed. You will also be able to view any of your leads as well.

Every Monday you will receive an automated email report recapping the previous week. It will include an Excel file of all your leads for the past 30 days. In addition, on the 1st of every month you will receive a PDF report which goes over in detail how you did the previous month.

This varies from dealer to dealer. Some dealers receive 20 per month and we have some that get over 200 without promoting the tool. A lot depends on your website traffic and how well you promote the tool. At this price point you should only need to make 1-2 sales each year to pay for the service. Our average dealer makes 1-4 additional sales per month.

Yes, we have a Canadian Blue Book instant trade-in tool for Canada Powersports Dealers. Click here to view more information.
Yes, we also have a trade-in tool dedicated for both Boat dealers and RV dealers.
It is all about capturing the lead. 90% of consumers don't fill out traditional trade-in forms so you are missing out on A LOT of leads. Instead of consumers leaving your website to find values elsewhere, you can keep them on your website and collect the lead.

Throughout the process we inform consumers that these values are estimates only and you need to bring your vehicle in to get a firm offer. Even if you can't offer the consumer the book value when you see the vehicle, we prepare them ahead of time that there are many factors that influence the values.
No. We hate long-term agreements just like you do. Our service is month-to-month with a 30 day cancellation notice required.
There are many different ways. A lot of our dealers promote the tool using social media. Some incentivize their consumers with a gift card if they fill out the form and bring in their vehicle. Others use email blasts, newsletters, etc.
This means that in the Powersports, RV, and Boat industries we are the only company allowed to use this patented technology we are using of offering trade-in value estimates in exchange for a consumer's contact information. Before you consider alternatives who claim to offer this service, please consider the legal costs involved in violating a U.S. patent.

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